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Don’t ever worry about locking your doors again. Experience solutions that make access control smarter and simpler than you ever thought possible.

Access From Anywhere

Imagine being able to lock or unlock a specific door in your building from anywhere in the world. With our advanced access control solutions, that dream is now a reality - enabling you to manage entry from wherever you are.


Mobile Access Technology

Eliminate the hassle of carrying key fobs or remembering pin numbers for building access. Instead set up a system that enables people to open doors with their phones. After all, what’s a person more likely to lose or forget—a fob or their phone?

Hassle-Free System Management

With WTS managed access control systems, we take care of everything. No software, no servers, no resources required. Ideal for multi-tenant office buildings, this solution eliminates IT costs and saves you time, money and stress.

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Experience an easier way to manage your entrances.

From the most secure biometric solutions, such as thumbprint scanners and facial recognition, to more cost-effective options such as key fobs and keypads, WTS has your access control needs covered.

No matter which option you choose, our advanced access control systems will provide the solution you need:

  • Get complete control over who goes where and when

  • Limit employee access to certain areas of your building

  • Set specific times for specific doors to lock and unlock

  • Track who’s coming and going

  • Unlock doors from anywhere via your smartphone

  • Eliminate the need for expensive rekeying

Not sure what you need?

We’ll help you design an access control system that fits your needs and budget.

Better yet, let us take care of everything with our managed access control systems. We’ll add or delete people, make keycards, and handle all your software and server needs.

Schedule a site survey today and we’ll help you find the best access control solution to accomplish your goals.

Prevent access control issues

Make sure access to your building is never compromised with WTS’s preventative maintenance service. Our skilled team of technicians will test everything from card readers and gate hardware to power supplies and backup batteries.

Manufacturers upgrade software frequently and we’ll verify you have the latest software to ensure maximum security and operating performance. We’ll also perform any scheduled maintenance that your equipment requires. That way, you can feel confident that the right people will always have access to your business.

Request preventative maintenance for your access control system here.

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